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Table 1 Twelve polymorphisms genotyped in this study.

From: Association study of polymorphisms in synaptic vesicle-associated genes, SYN2 and CPLX2, with schizophrenia

Gene Name dbSNP rs# Region Allele Methods
SYN2 SYN2-1 rs2623873 Promoter G/T Direct Sequencing
SYN2 SYN2-2 rs2308169 Intron ATGCT/- Direct Sequencing
SYN2 SYN2-3 rs308961 Intron T/G Direct Sequencing
SYN2 SYN2-4 rs308963 Intron C/G Direct Sequencing
SYN2 SYN2-5 rs308952 Introna A/G Dde I RFLP
SYN2 SYN2-6 rs2279750 Introna A/C Direct Sequencing
SYN2 SYN2-7 rs310762 Intron C/T Direct Sequencing
CPLX2 CPLX2-1 rs2247916 Promoter G/T Mae III RFLP
CPLX2 CPLX2-2 rs2243404 5'UTR C/T Cac 8I RFLP
CPLX2 CPLX2-3 rs890736 Intron C/T Ava II RFLP
CPLX2 CPLX2-4 rs890737 Intron C/T Direct Sequencing
CPLX2 CPLX2-5 rs4390706 Intron G/A Direct Sequencing
  1. a Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 4 (Timp4) gene is nested within the intron of SYN2 in reverse orientation.