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Figure 1

From: Assessment of in vivo microstructure alterations in gray matter using DKI in internet gaming addiction

Figure 1

Significant differences in MK between IGA and HC subjects. Compared with the control group, IGA subjects exhibited lower MK in the right anterior lobe of the cerebellum, left fusiform gyrus, left lingual gyrus, right inferior temporal gyrus, bilateral insula, left posterior cingulate cortex, right superior temporal gyrus, right precentral gyrus, left paracentral lobule, left anterior cingulate gyrus, left median cingulate gyrus, and right supplementary motor area (P <0.05, AlphaSim-corrected). T-values are color-coded on the right. Blue indicates IGA group < HC. *The left section of the figure represents the patient’s right side. *HC, healthy control. IGA, internet gaming addiction. MK, kurtosis metrics.

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