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Figure 3

From: Electrophysiological evidence for notation independence in numerical processing

Figure 3

Experiment 1: symbolic condition. (a) Topographic distribution of the average brain activity in the symbolic condition of Experiment 1. ERPs to numerals far from 5 (1 and 9) were subtracted from ERPs to numerals near to 5 (4 and 6). There was a strong right lateralized positivity over the N1-P2p transition and the P2p time window. (b) Event-related potentials to symbolic stimuli in Experiment 1. Near and far distances over the right inferior parietal electrode show significant effects of distance between 180 and 250 ms post-stimulus. (c) Mean amplitudes during the P2p time window (210–250 ms) for all four distances. The P2p amplitude decreased with increasing distance.

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