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Figure 1

From: Association between the DTNBP1 gene and intelligence: a case-control study in young patients with schizophrenia and related disorders and unaffected siblings

Figure 1

Mean FSIQ in patients, siblings and controls. Distribution of FSIQ by genotype within each subject group for the most consistently associated SNP (rs760761) is shown. In the whole group, FSIQ scores in patients with FEP (mean = 86.7, SEM = 1.58) were significantly lower than IQ scores in siblings (mean = 96.7, SEM = 2.08) and controls (mean = 107.0, SEM = 2.79) (ANOVA adjusting for age, gender, and educational level, p < 0.001). Post-hoc analyses showed that siblings had significantly higher IQ scores than patients (* p = 0.001) and significantly lower IQ scores than controls (** p = 0.005).

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