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Table 4 RefSeq genes in critical region.

From: A Turner syndrome neurocognitive phenotype maps to Xp22.3

Gene name RefSeq accession Product/function
PLCXD1 NM_018390 phospholipase
GTPBP6 NM_012227 GTP-binding protein-like
PPP2R3B NM_199326 phosphatase regulatory subunit
SHOX NM_000451 transcription factor/chondrocyte growth
CRLF2 NM_001012288 cytokine receptor-like
CSF2RA NM_006140 cytokine subunit
IL3RA NM_002183 interleukin 3 receptor subunit
SLC25A6 NM_001636 mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator
CXYorf2 NM_025091 hypothetical protein
ASMTL NM_004192 acetylserine O-methyltransferase-like
P2RY8 NM_178129 G-protein coupled purinergic receptor
DXYS155E NM_005088 novel protein
ASMT NM_004043 acetylserine O-methyltransferase
DHRSX NM_145177 dehydrogenase/reductase
ZBED1 NM_004729 Ac-like transposable element
CD99 NM_002414 cell surface antigen
XG NM_175569 cell surface antigen
GYG2 NM_003918 glycogenin
ARSD NM_001669 arylsulfatase
ARSE NM_000047 arylsulfatase (chondrodysplasia punctata)
ARSH NM_001011719 arylsulfatase
ARSF NM_004042 arylsulfatase
MXRA5 NM_015419 adlican
PRKX NM_005044 protein kinase; kidney development
NLGN4X NM_020742 neuroligin 4; see text
VCX3A NM_016379 germ cell protein; see text
HDHD1A NM_012080 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase domain
STS NM_000351 steroid sulfatase; see text
VCX NM_013452 germ cell protein; see text
PNPLA4 NM_004650 phospholipase
VCX2 NM_016378 germ cell protein; see text