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Table 3 Spearman's correlations between the discount rates in delay discounting (k d ), probability discounting (k p ), and decay rate of SP (k sp )

From: A hyperbolic decay of subjective probability of obtaining delayed rewards

  Probability discounting (k p ) Decay rate of SP (k sp )
Delay discounting (k d ) rho(27) = 0.20, p = 0.30 rho(24) = 0.467*, p = 0.016
Probability discounting (k p )   rho(25) = -0.01, p = 0.976
  1. A significant correlation between delay discounting and decay rate of SP was observed (Spearman's rank-order correlation, *:p < 0.05). Note that a (hyperbolic) decay rate of SP (subjective probability of obtaining a delayed reward) as a function of delay (k sp ) is defined in SP(D) = 1/(1+k sp D) (see [13]).