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Table 3 Test protocol for recording auditory brainstem responses and late latency responses

From: Effect of early onset otitis media on brainstem and cortical auditory processing

Parameter Auditory brainstem responses Late latency responses
Stimuli Clicks Clicks
Stimulus intensity 70 dBnHL 70 dBnHL
Transducer TDH 39P headphones TDH 39P headphones
Repetition rate 11.1/s 1.1/s
Stimulus polarity Rarefaction Rarefaction
Number of sweeps 1500 500
Filter setting 30–3000 Hz 1–30 Hz
Analysis window -10 ms to +25 ms -50 ms to +350 ms
Electrode montage Vertical montage
Positive – Cz
Negative – M1, M2
Ground – Nasion
Vertical montage
Positive – Cz,
Negative – M1/M2
Ground – Nasion
Electrode impedance < 5 kOhms < 5 kOhms