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Table 2 Scores obtained on naming tasks in Arabic and Hebrew

From: Selective deficit of second language: a case study of a brain-damaged Arabic-Hebrew bilingual patient

Tasks Arabic Hebrew
Category generation task 7 3*
Letter generation task (B) 7 2*
Tactile naming 7/10* 3/10*
  1. *Equivalent to less than the 5th percentile; *equivalent to less than the 10th percentile.
  2. In the category generation task, the patient was asked to name as many members of a specified semantic category as possible in 1 minute. The list of categories included animals and fruits. In the letter generation task (B), he was asked to name all the words he could think of that begin with the letter B. In the tactile naming task, using the same 10-item set of household objects whose use the patient had been able to communicate by gesture, the patient's ability to name an object by touching it was compared with his visual naming ability.