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Figure 2

From: Gain-loss frequency and final outcome in the Soochow Gambling Task: A Reassessment

Figure 2

Manipulation of the original SGT for further testing of EV. In the original SGT, decks A and B exhibited high-frequency gain (eight gains, two losses) and negative EV (-$500), but decks A and B had different immediate values (+$200, -$1050 vs. +$100, -$650). However, decks C and D exhibited high-frequency loss (two gains, eight losses) and positive EV (+$500) whereas decks C and D had different immediate value (-$200, +$1050 vs. -$100, +$650). The present modified versions were generated by separating the immediate values obtained from decks A and C from those obtained from decks B and D. Large- and small-value versions were prepared to clarify the effect of EV and value contrasts.

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