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Figure 3

From: New symmetry of intended curved reaches

Figure 3

Spatio-temporal parameters in different families of curved motions. (A) Hand trajectories Ipsi- and contra-lateral to the performing arm from motions avoiding 1OB. Yellow denotes the distance travelled up to the first velocity peak (red star), black is the distance travelled up to the point of maximum bending (grey star) and the green star denotes the point of maximum twisting. Notice that these points of high torsion are detected rather at the earliest or at the latest in the path during avoidance of 1 OB. (B) Bending and speed profiles as a function of time with arrows marking when along the hand path the maximum bending, speed and twist are reached. (C) Hand twisting profiles as a function of time. (D-F) Similar plots for significantly more curved and significantly faster hand trajectories avoiding 2 OB(s). Notice that unlike in the less curved trajectories, some of the points of maximal torsion are reached midway in the acceleration phase of the path.

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