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Table 2 ADORA2A gene variants found in the Japanese population.

From: The adenosine A2A receptor is associated with methamphetamine dependence/psychosis in the Japanese population

Location Variants rs# Function Reference
Exon1+179 C/T rs13306114 untranslated  
Exon1+219 C/T   untranslated  
IVS1+64 G/A rs13306116 intron  
Exon2+751 C/T rs5751876 synonymous (Tyr- > Tyr) 1083C/T[30], 1976T/C[19]
Exon2+1360 T6/T7 rs35060421 untranslated 2592C/Tins[19]
IVS2+28 T/A rs34923252 intron