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Table 1 Patient demographic data and stroke characteristics

From: Correlating lesion size and location to deficits after ischemic stroke: the influence of accounting for altered peri-necrotic tissue and incidental silent infarcts

Severity of Motor Impairment: Patients (n) Fugl-Meyer Score: Acute NIHSS Score Average Age (years) Sex (M) Stroke Type (Isc, Hem, Lac) Side of Index Stroke Lesion (R)
Moderate Impairment 30 72.5 7 71 15 26, 1, 3 16
Severe Impairment 11 27 12 64 7 11, 0, 0 5
  1. 'NIHSS' indicates the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale. Median Fugl-Meyer and NIHSS scores are shown. 'Isc' indicates ischemic, 'Hem' indicates hemorrhagic, 'Lac' indicates lacunar, 'R' indicates right hemisphere