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Table 1 Participant characteristics.

From: Biological changes in auditory function following training in children with autism spectrum disorders

Subject FFW Training Duration (days) Total Training Duration Pre-post Test Duration (months) Other Interventions
  Language Language to Reading    
S1 33 23 56 16 Speech and dietary therapy, previously occupational therapy
S2 18 19 37 8 Previously occupational, speech, and music therapy
S3 12 48 60 6 Social skills group, therapeutic day school, previously biofeedback and occupational therapy
S4 12 35 47 9 Speech, occupational, music, and dietary therapy, language group and therapeutic exercise
S5 25 36 61 7 Speech therapy, previously occupational therapy and social skills training
C1     19 Speech and occupational therapy
C2     15 Speech therapy and special education programming, formerly occupational therapy
C3     14 Speech and occupational therapy
C4     14 Occupational therapy, social skills group
C5     12 Speech and occupational therapy
C6     10 Occupational and active music therapy
  1. Training duration, pre-test to post-test interval, and additional interventions are listed for each participant.