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Figure 1

From: Representation of Multiplication Facts-Evidence for partial verbal coding

Figure 1

Results of RT analyses. Response latencies for correctly bisected triplets separated for the experimental conditions after controlling for the overall effect of concurrent articulation as estimated by the articulatory suppression effect for incorrectly bisected triplets (Panel A). A significant main effect of multiplicativity can be observed in both conditions (with and without articulatory suppression). Panel B depicts the relative slowing of multiplicative resp. the speeding of non-multiplicative triplets when general speeding due to articulatory suppression is partialled out as estimated by the effect of concurrent articulation on RT for incorrectly bisected triplets. It can be observed that articulatory suppression indeed slows down multiplicative triplets specifically. Finally, Panel C illustrates the reduction of the beneficial multiplicativity effect due to concurrent articulation. Error bars indicate 1 Standard Error of the Mean (SEM).

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