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Figure 1

From: Deep resequencing of the voltage-gated potassium channel subunit KCNE3 gene in chronic tinnitus

Figure 1

Evolutionary conservation of the KCNE3 amplicon under study. The degree of conservation (PhastCons score) is plotted against the physical position based on genomic sequence information from 46 placental mammals. Both g.15,190T>C (rs2270676 encoding F66F) and g.15,240G>A (rs17215437 encoding R83H) map to a highly conserved part of the open reading frame. The ORF is delimited by positions 74,168,608 and 74,168,296 on the February 2009 Homo sapiens high coverage assembly (Hg19) from the Genome Reference Consortium (GRCh37).

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