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Figure 3

From: Update in the methodology of the chronic stress paradigm: internal control matters

Figure 3

Dynamics of the sucrose test parameters recovery in anhedonic and non-anhedonic mice. Parameters of the sucrose test were expressed as a percentage of mean values of the control group, and compared between anhedonic (dashed line) and non-anhedonic (plain line) groups during a 4-week stress procedure (*p < 0.05 vs. control group; # p < 0.05 vs. non-anhedonic group; Mann-Whitney). (A) Sucrose preference in the anhedonic group is significantly lower than in the non-anhedonic and control mice throughout the entire experiment. (B) Sucrose intake in the anhedonic group is significantly decreased after the termination of stress (vs. control and non-anhedonic group) and during week 1 of the stress-free period (vs. control group). (C, D) Water consumption and total liquid intake are elevated in the anhedonic animals up to 3 weeks after termination of stress as compared to control, and up to 2 weeks when compared to non-anhedonic mice. Data are expressed as mean ± (SEM).

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