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Table 1 Partial depressive-like outcomes in chronic stress models of depression

From: Update in the methodology of the chronic stress paradigm: internal control matters

Stress Laboratory strain Measure of a depressive-like state Susceptibility rate Reference
6-week CMS Wistar rats Low sucrose preference 51.5% [25]
5-week social stress CD1 mice Increase of CORT, Low sucrose preference 20% [24, 57]
7-week CMS Wistar rats Low sucrose intake 50-70% [23, 5456]
10-day social defeat C57BL/6J Social avoidance, Low sucrose preference 50-70% [21, 5053, 58]
7-week unpredictable CMS Eleven common mouse strains Coat deterioration, Low sucrose preference Vary in different strains [22, 41, 60]
  1. Recent studies identified susceptible and resilient subpopulations of chronically stressed mice defined by anhedonia occurrence in a sucrose test, deterioration of a coat state, or an increase in basal CORT levels.