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Table 7 Identifying and compensating for behavioural artifacts caused by stress-induced hyperlocomotion

From: Update in the methodology of the chronic stress paradigm: internal control matters

  Anxiety-like behavior Floating in FST Open field locomotion
  Standard protocol Mild protocol Standard protocol Mild protocol Bright/modest lighting Weak lighting
Short stress
Chronic stress
Chronic stress + diazepam    
  1. Reduction in illumination, application of "mild" testing conditions or bolus diazepam injection preclude hyperlocomotion and "anomalous" behaviour in anxiety and forced swim tests in chronically stressed mice. Mice subjected to short stress (1 week duration) do not exhibit "anomalous" behaviour. Arrows indicate an increase in the parameter (↑), a decrease (↓), or lack of significant changes in comparison to non-stressed control mice (↔).