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Table 1 SNPs and primers of PCRs and corresponding restriction enzymes

From: Association between Ghrelin gene (GHRL) polymorphisms and clinical response to atypical antipsychotic drugs in Han Chinese schizophrenia patients

Marker Location Primer sequence (5'-3') Product (bp) Annealing temperature (°C) RFLP Allele (bp)
rs27647 Promoter 5'-CACAGCAACAAAGCTGCACC-3' 929 65 Dra I A(929)
   5'-AAGTCCAGCCAGAGCATGCC-3'     G(664,265)
rs26802 Intron 1 5'-AGAACAAACGCCAGTCATCC-3', 205 55 Mwo I A(205)
   5'-GTCTTCCAGCCAGACAGTCC-3'     C(104,101)
rs696217 Exon 3 5'-GCTGGGCTCCTACCTGAGC-3' 618 65 Bsr I T(618)
   5'-GGACCCTGTTCACTGCCAC-3'     G(517,101)
rs26311 Promoter 5'-GGCAGCAGTCACGGACAATAAA-3' 779 55 Bcn I G (572,252)
   5'-CTCAGAAGAGGCATCCGCTAAA-3'     C(527,191,61)