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Table 1 Software definitions for scoring HomeCage Scan behaviors

From: Acetylcholinesterase inhibition ameliorates deficits in motivational drive

Behavior Software Definition
Rear Up Begins with the mouse lifting its front paws off the ground and standing on its hind legs. Rearing ends when the mouse comes back down and places one front paw back on the ground. Rearing may also include "partially reared" in which the mouse hunches its back and its front paws are off the ground, and is about halfway from being in the fully stretched, completely reared position.
Hang Cuddled Both forelimbs and hindlegs are above the midpoint between the floor and the top of the cage.
Drink Behavior starts when mouth is at level with the drinking spout. Behavior ends when mouth withdraws from the drinking spout. Sniffing behaviors directly before drinking are scored as drinking.
Eat Snout is in the plane of the food compartment with minimal body and head movements. "Sniff" and "eat" are differentiated by the total time the snout remains in the food bin, with "sniff" being significantly less duration in the compartment. However, if the mouse sniffs directly before eating, the sniff behavior is scored as eating.
Groom Mouse uses front paws to clean itself by rubbing over body and face in circular movements. Repetitive paw movements over a certain period of time are scored as groom.
Sleep A minimum of 30 s of no significant movement of the mouse while it is in a non-rearing and non-hanging position is scored as sleep.
Twitch Any movement occurring during sleep
Sniff Body of mouse is stationary, but snout moves in a bobbing fashion. Scored as an exploratory behavior.
Remain Low Prolonged inactivity of the mouse that is not scored by the software as any other behavior.
Walk Slowly Mouse is moving across the cage and at least three legs are propelling it forward