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Table 1 Nine cases with Usher syndrome and current or previous diagnosed mental or behavior disorders

From: Children with Usher syndrome: mental and behavioral disorders

Age Gender Usher type Mental or behavioral diagnose (age at diagnose)
16 Girl I (type unknown) Schizophrenia, mild mental retardation (8-)
15 Boy I (type unknown) Atypical autism, severe mental retardation (2-)
11 Boy I (type unknown) Atypical autism, mild mental retardation (3-)
12 Boy I (type unknown) Mild mental retardation (4-)
14 Girl IIA Conduct disorder (5-)
13 Boy I (type unknown) Conduct disorder (10-)
15 Boy IB Atypical autism (3-6)
16 Boy I (type unknown) Eating disorder (10-11)
11 Boy (type unknown) Conduct disorder (4-8)
  1. Another 17 children had never had any mental or behavioral disorders