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Figure 1

From: Activation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in a dual neuropsychological screening test: An fMRI approach

Figure 1

(a) Computerized KPT. Selected vowel characters are indicated in red. Literal translation: It was twilight, close to sunset during a cold winter. A boy was playing in a park. Dusk was the time in which his father usually returned home. So, the boy jumped up and ran to the train station. (b) A question with 7 choices about story content was presented immediately after testing. Literal translation: Where did the boy run to? (1) his mother, (2) police box, (3) his friend, (4) train station, (5) his school, (6) his home, (7) no idea. (c) fMRI set up. (d) Task paradigm. The duration of each block task is 45 sec including the first 5 sec to inform which task to perform (PR, P or R), but the first 5 sec was removed as different regressor when the BOLD signal derived from the task performance was analyzed. (e) Tasks. PR (KPT; dual task): picking vowels out of a short story and retaining story content; P (simple task I): picking vowels out of a randomized kana sequence; R (simple task II): reading and retaining a short story without picking vowels out. Note: Q; questions about the story were asked only after PR and R

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