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Figure 2

From: An anxiogenic drug, FG 7142, induced an increase in mRNA of Btg2 and Adamts1 in the hippocampus of adult mice

Figure 2

Results of RT-PCR in the hippocampus of adult mice after treatment with flumazenil and FG 7142. FG 7142 (20 mg/kg) or the vehicle was intraperitoneally injected into the adult mice (postnatal days 56) one hour before their sacrifice. Flumazenil (10 mg/kg) or the vehicle was subcutaneously injected into the mice twice, at 15 minutes before and 20 minutes after the administration of FG 7142 or the vehicle. Thus, the experiment consisted of four groups of animals, namely the vehicle + vehicle (V + V), vehicle + FG 7142 (V + FG), flumazenil + vehicle (Flu + V) and flumazenil + FG 7142 (Flu + FG). The data are expressed as a percentage of the mean value of the vehicle and vehicle-treated mice (V + V) and are mean ± SEM obtained from 6 or 7 animals. The statistical analysis was carried out by two-way ANOVA followed by the post hoc Sheffe’s test. a; p < 0.001 vs Vehicle + FG 7142, b; p < 0.01 vs Vehicle + FG 7142, c; p < 0.05 vs Vehicle + FG 7142.

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