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Figure 4

From: Is that a belt or a snake? object attentional selection affects the early stages of visual sensory processing

Figure 4

(A) Time series (pass = 5 ms) of topographical maps (back view) plotting the 3-red-black-green-colours saturation-coded surface scalp current density (SCD) values computed on the difference waveform obtained by subtracting ERPs to shape-irrelevant pairs (S-) from ERPs to shape-relevant pairs (S+), (B) Same time series maps as for A, except that SCD values were computed on the difference voltage obtained by subtracting ERPs to location-irrelevant pairs (L-) from ERPs to location-relevant pairs (L+). It is worthy of note that, overall, shape-relevance manifested as a negative SCD mostly concerning the mesial-occipital electrode sites, whereas location-relevance determined a strong positive SCD mostly concerning the lateral occipital, posterior temporal, and parietal electrode sites.

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