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Figure 1

From: Two types of mental fatigue affect spontaneous oscillatory brain activities in different ways

Figure 1

Experimental design. Each experiment consisted of one fatigue-inducing mental task session and two evaluation sessions performed just before and after the fatigue-inducing mental task session. During the fatigue-inducing mental task session, participants performed 0-back or 2-back test trials for 30 min. They were randomly assigned to two groups in a single-blinded, crossover fashion to perform the two types of the fatigue-inducing trials on separate days (the same participants performed both 0- and 2-back tasks and that order of task was counterbalanced, i.e., five participants began with the 0-back test and the others with the 2-back test). During the evaluation sessions, magnetoencephalography (MEG) recordings were performed with the participant’s eyes closed and subjective scaling.

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