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Figure 3

From: Alleviation of chronic neuropathic pain by environmental enrichment in mice well after the establishment of chronic pain

Figure 3

Effect of environmental manipulation on spinal SP and CGRP content in neuropathic and sham control mice. Substance P (A) and CGRP (B) concentrations were lower in the enriched vs. impoverished neuropathic animals, but no significant difference in peptides concentrations was seen in control mice. Since the 2-way ANOVA revealed an environmental effect but no interaction between environment (enriched vs. impoverished) x time, the data was analyzed by unpaired t-test, enriched vs. impoverished, within pathological condition (neuropathic vs. sham). * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, mean ± SEM, n = 7/group.

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