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Table 1 Description of the neuromuscular responses of the jaw jerk response (JJr), the root-motor evoked potentials (R-MEPs) and the amplitude ratio

From: A relationship between bruxism and orofacial-dystonia? A trigeminal electrophysiological approach in a case report of pineal cavernoma

Parameters Traces (Channel) R-MEPs JJr Amplitude ratio JJr vs R-MEPs (%)
Onset Latency (ms) 1 1.92 7  
2 1.96 7.5  
Amplitude (ms) 1 11 5.1 46
2 11.4 8.9 78
  1. The evoked JJr and R-MEPs responses with the onset latency and peak-to-peak amplitude and the relationship in amplitude between the jaw jerk and the corresponding amplitude of the ipsilateral R-MEPs as amplitude ratio percentages. Ch1: right masseter. Ch2: left masseter.