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Table 2 Description of the duration of the EMG events by the recovery cycle of the Masseter Inhibitory Reflex ( rc MIR)

From: A relationship between bruxism and orofacial-dystonia? A trigeminal electrophysiological approach in a case report of pineal cavernoma

Traces/Ch Area Duration (S1) (ms) Duration (S2) (ms) Δ-Duration S2-S1 (ms)
1 SP1 13 12 -1
1 IA 23 12 -11
1 SP2 39 61 +22
2 SP1 16 14 -2
2 IA 30 17 -13
2 SP2 35 54 +19
  1. Duration and difference in duration of various events of the masseter inhibitory reflex. The EMG events correspond to: first silent period (SP1), interposed EMG activity (IA), and the second silent period (SP2) evoked by the conditioning stimulus (S1) and by the test stimulus (S2). Ch1: right masseter and Ch2: left masseter.