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Table 4 Cerebral blood flow predicts sleep quality in older adults with heart failure (N = 53)

From: Reduced cerebral blood flow and white matter hyperintensities predict poor sleep in heart failure

Variable Global PSQI
  β( SE b)
Block 1
Age .06(.06)
2MST .43(.02)*
LVEF -.10(.03)
Depression -.04(1.24)
Hypertension -.15(1.03)
Diabetes .14(1.08)
Sleep Apnea .21(1.12)
R 2 .28
F 2.53*
Block 2
CBF-V MCA -.28(.04)*
R 2 .35
F for ΔR2 4.41*
  1. Note. *denotes p <0.05.
  2. Abbreviations: β standardized regression coefficients, SE standard error, 2MST 2-minute step test, LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction, CBF-V MCA cerebral blood flow velocity of the middle cerebral artery, PSQI Pittsburgh sleep quality index.