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Table 2 Detailed description of self-report questionnaires used

From: The roles of interoceptive sensitivity and metacognitive interoception in panic

The Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) is a 21-item depression scale that assesses emotional, behavioral, and somatic symptoms. Items on the BDI-II are rated on a four-category Likert scale that goes from 0 to 3, with a maximum total score of 63. Higher scores indicate more severe depressive symptoms.
The State-Trait Inventory (STAI) is a 40 item scale, which assesses both state and trait anxiety and represents a well-validated and reliable self-report measure of dispositional and state anxiety. The scales for trait and state anxiety are made up of 20 items. Participants are asked to indicate to what degree the items describe their dispositional and situational feelings on a four-point Likert-type scale.
Body Sensations Questionnaire (BSQ) is a 17-items scale concerning the degree to which patients fear somatic symptoms commonly associated to panic (i.e. dizziness, heart palpitation, chest pressure). Items are related on five point scales regarding from not frightened or worried by this sensation to extremely frightened by this sensation.
Physical Concern Index Is a subscale of the Agoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire (ACQ). It describes thoughts and believes about fear to physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attack.