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Table 3 Significant correlation between NBI and neuropsychological tests

From: Neuropsychological and neurophysiological benefits from white noise in children with and without ADHD

NBIa correlations r p p corr b
Alertness (tonic)c
 CV .62 <.01* <.01*
Alertness (phasic)d
 Hits −.50 <.01* .02*
 Anticipations .45 .01* .04*
 Errors interf. index .69 <.01* <.01*
  1. a NBI Noise Benefit Index
  2. b p value corrected for multiple comparison (for each cognitive function, p values were corrected according to the number of dependent variables)
  3. c Scores of tonic alert (alertness task)
  4. d Scores of phasic alert (alertness task)
  5. e Errors interf. index difference of non-corrected errors between scores in counting and interference conditions
  6. * p value indicating significant difference between groups; α = .05