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Fig. 7 | Behavioral and Brain Functions

Fig. 7

From: Oral administration of potassium bromate induces neurobehavioral changes, alters cerebral neurotransmitters level and impairs brain tissue of swiss mice

Fig. 7

Effect of KBrO3 treatments on the Cerebellum of treated mice. Sagittal sections in the cerebellum cortex showing the degenerated Purkinje cell (DPC), fissure (FI), hemorrhage (H), internal granular layer (IGL), molecular layer (ML), Purkinje cell layer (PCL) and white matter (WM). a, b control group, c, d potassium bromate 100 mg/kg group, e, f potassium bromate200 mg/kg group. Scale bar 400 μm in a, c, e and 50 μm in b, d, f

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