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Fig. 4 | Behavioral and Brain Functions

Fig. 4

From: Chronic cigarette smoking is linked with structural alterations in brain regions showing acute nicotinic drug-induced functional modulations

Fig. 4

Pairs of functionally-related ROIs and associated behavioral phenomena. a Functionally-related ROIs are connected by paths, the directionality of which indicates that a given ROI (ending point, arrow head) intersected another ROIs MACM map (starting point). We note that if one ROI overlapped another ROI’s MACM map, it did not necessarily indicate that the latter ROI overlapped with the former’s MACM map. See Additional file 1: Figure S6 for an alternative representation. b Behavioral phenomena significantly associated with functionally-related ROIs were identified by forward and reverse inference assessments of metadata terms. In this representation, significant behavioral domains (BD) are represented by path color (perception [purple], action [red], cognition [green], no significant BD [gray]), significant behavioral domain subcategories (BD-S) are shown along the path in bolded text, and significant paradigm classes (PC) are in standard text. Black paths indicate that no significant associations were detected with any BD, BD-S, or PC

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