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Table 2 Conjoint chronic smoking-related structural alterations and acute drug-induced functional activity changes: cluster coordinates

From: Chronic cigarette smoking is linked with structural alterations in brain regions showing acute nicotinic drug-induced functional modulations

Cluster Region Volume X Y Z
Gray matter decreases ∩ functional decreases
a Insula (BA 13) L 185 −39 7 9
b vmPFC (BA10) (superior frontal gyrus) L 103 −9 50 −3
Gray matter decreases ∩ functional increases
c Thalamus (medial dorsal nucleus) B 142 2 −14 11
  1. Lettering corresponds to brain regions shown in Fig. 2. Coordinates (X, Y, Z) of the clusters’ peak voxels are reported in Talairach space. Volume is mm3
  2. B bilateral, R right, L left, BA Brodmann area, vmPFC ventromedial prefrontal cortex