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Fig. 1

From: Brain activation differences in schizophrenia during context-dependent processing of saccade tasks

Fig. 1

Imaging design and stimuli. a Imaging design. Three block designed runs: two single task runs and a dual task run. There were 13 blocks in each run, 7 fixation blocks and 6 antisaccade blocks: each block lasted 28 s for a total run time of 6 min and 4 s. b Stimuli and stimuli timing. All trials during saccade tasks had the same timing: 2400 ms fixation stimulus, 200 ms gap, and 1400 ms peripheral stimulus. Stimuli color was used to cue task instructions. Saccades were made ±5º or 10º in the horizontal plane. Green arrows indicate correct direction of gaze and were not visible to the subject

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