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Fig. 7

From: Age, environment, object recognition and morphological diversity of GFAP-immunolabeled astrocytes

Fig. 7

Object identity recognition (What?), timing (When?), spatial memory (Where?), and astrocytes complexity. Object discrimination index is expressed as percentage values on the left Y-axis and astrocyte morphological complexity is indicated as arbitrary values on the right Y-axis. Discrimination index of 60 % or higher was set to indicate that mice distinguished between the objects (familiar vs new; stationary vs displaced; old vs recent) whereas indices below 60 % indicate no object recognition. Mol DG molecular layer of dentate gyrus, Y SE young mice from standard environment, Y EE young mice from enriched environment, A SE aged mice from standard environment, A EE aged mice from enriched environment. a Object timing recognition and astrocytes morphological complexity. b Object identity recognition and astrocytes morphological complexity. c Object placement recognition and astrocytes morphological complexity

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