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Table 3 Influences of age and environment on the morphological complexity of the “mean astrocyte” from molecular layer of dentate gyrus

From: Age, environment, object recognition and morphological diversity of GFAP-immunolabeled astrocytes

Molecular layer of dentate gyrus F P   
Age 49.529 0.000   
Environment 0.091 0.763   
Age and environment 32.231 0.000   
Two-tail t test Y EE x Y SE Y EE x A EE Y SE x A SE A EE x A SE
t= 34,475 85,256 10,210 −53,432
p= 0.001 <0.0001 0.309 <0.0001
  1. Two-way ANOVA with correspondent F and p values and two-tail t tests with correspondent t and p values
  2. Y EE young mice from enriched environment; Y SE young mice from standard environment; A EE aged mice from enriched environment; A SE aged mice from standard environment