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Fig. 1

From: Drug-induced Parkinson’s disease modulates protein kinase A and Olfactory Marker Protein in the mouse olfactory bulb

Fig. 1

Time course of behavioral performance in different tests. Control mice (times symbol) and MPTP mice (filled triangle) mean ± SEM were compared between groups on day 5 (last day before treatment) and day 6 (after treatment). The vertical line indicates the time of injections, asterisk indicates that both groups were different from the pre-treatment, hash symbol indicates that MPTP mice differ from controls after treatment. a Cookie-finding test, with the food pellet hidden. b Cookie-finding test with the food pellet in a visible position. c Open field test, distance travelled. d Number of rearings on the walls during the open field test. e Cumulative time spent resting in the open field test. f Time to reach the ground in the pole test. g Grip test, time to reach effectively the extremity. h Grip test, time to fall down

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