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Fig. 9 | Behavioral and Brain Functions

Fig. 9

From: Sex differences in associations between maternal deprivation and alterations in hippocampal calcium-binding proteins and cognitive functions in rats

Fig. 9

Hippocampal CALR and CALB levels after MWM on PND-40 determined by Western blot. a, c Representative blots (four immunoblots for each protein were analyzed). b, d Quantification. *p <0.05, **p <0.01, ***p <0.001. CONF control females, CONF + S control females who underwent MWM training, CONM control males, CONM + S control males who underwent MWM training, MDF MD-treated females, MDF + S MD-treated females who underwent MWM training, MDM MD-treated males, MDM + S MD-treated males who underwent MWM training

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