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Fig. 1

From: Impaired innate and conditioned social behavior in adult C57Bl6/J mice prenatally exposed to chlorpyrifos

Fig. 1

Social preference test. Mean preference for a same sex conspecific. Individual mice are shown as symbols (Δ male O female). All mice are offspring of dams age 90 days, which were given CPF (2.5 or 5 mg/kg) or peanut oil vehicle by gavage on GD 12–15. Social preference is calculated as the ratio of the time spent in the chamber containing the mouse to the total time spent in the apparatus, measured in seconds. Group differences: Solid line male p < .001; dashed line p = .007. Male vehicle: n = 11, male 2.5 mg/kg: n = 10, male 5 mg/kg: n = 9, female vehicle: n = 8; female 2.5 mg/kg: n = 7; female 5 mg/kg: n = 5

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