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Table 1 Definitions of important terms found in fly AUD research

From: Studying alcohol use disorder using Drosophila melanogaster in the era of ‘Big Data’

Term: Definition
ChIP-seq Chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing
GWAS Genome wide association studies (also known as WGA—whole genome association)
MB Mushroom body; an important neural center in flies; involved in olfaction and olfactory memory formation
NGS Next generation sequencing (massive parallel sequencing)
RNA-seq RNA sequencing (whole genome RNA sequencing)
SNP Single nucleotide polymorphism
Wildtype Aa model strain of organism fly with no induced mutations
RNAi Short hairpin RNA used to target RNA for degradation. Used to knockdown expression of genes
Behavioral assays: terms
 booz-o-mat Aa horizontal assay for intoxicating flies
 Inebriometer Aa vertical assay for intoxicating flies
 CAFE Ccapillary feeding assay
 PER Pproboscis extension reflex; used to study alcohol’s appetitive properties