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Table 2 Tools and resources available to study AUD in the fly

From: Studying alcohol use disorder using Drosophila melanogaster in the era of ‘Big Data’

Fly resources Refs
Drosophila network resources  
Flybase [178]
Bloomington Stock center  
Alliance of genome resources  
Wildtype populations of flies  
 Drosophila genetic reference panel (DGRP) [77]
 Drosophila synthetic population resource (DSRP) [75]
 Global diversity lines [76]
Genetic tools for cell-type specific next-generation sequencing
 INTACT Nuclear purification [117]
 TRAP Translating Ribosomal Affinity Purification [114, 115]
 TU or EC tagging Labels RNA following feeding of 4-thiouracil or 5-ethynylcytosine [179, 180]
 CAST-ChIP   [118]
 DamID Methylation-based chromatin profiling [181]
Relevant collections of fly strains for behavioral validation
 Vienna RNAi lines   [182]
 Transgenic RNAi project   [183]
 FlyLight [184]
 Gene disruption project MiMIC and CRIMIC lines
Relevant drosophila transcriptional data sets
 Updated mapping of Drosophila sequence read archive GEO Series GSE117217  
 Single-cell whole brain GEO Series GSE107451  
 Kenyon cells GEO Series GSE115718  
 Kenyon cells GEO Series GSE119629  
 Kenyon cells and subset of MBONs GEO Series GSE74989  
 Mating behavior GEO Series GSE104706  
 Antennal lobe GEO Series GSE99545  
 CREB RNA binding GEO Series GSE59611
GEO Series GSE73386
 Ethanol exposure RNA expression GEO Series GSE77792
GEO Series GSE89137
GEO Series GSE48449
Gene network analysis sites
 modENCODE [185]
 SCENIC [186]
 AmiGO 2 [187, 188]
 DAVID bioinformatics database [189, 190]
 MEME-ChiP [191]
 Weighted gene co-expression network [119, 192]
 Reactome [193]
 Cytoscape [194]
 Geneweaver 2 [195]