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Table 2 Five genres of VGs

From: Commercial video games and cognitive functions: video game genres and modulating factors of cognitive enhancement

TGs VGs that have been played in other medium for relatively long time [23]
SGs VGs that are played to do relatively daily activities [22] or that are played based on players’ imagination for things that are difficult to be realized in real world [24]
SVGsRTSVGs where players take an active role in making the desired results by engaging relevant thinking process in VG playing; thinking the strategies by themselves [22]
TBSVGs where VG guides the thinking process of players [22]
AVGsFPSVGs played in the perspective of players [22]
TPGsVGs played by using the avatars of the players whose experience relies on the arrangement of space and time in game environments [22]
FGsRPGsVGs where players take the active control over avatars in the exploration of the environment, completion of quests and competing/battling with enemies [17]
Adventure gamesVGs that players explore and investigate the VG environment in slow pace by focusing on problem solving [17]