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Vivienne Russell, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Aims and scope

Behavioral and Brain Functions (BBF) is an open access journal that welcomes manuscripts, which provide insight into behavior and brain function or dysfunction.

BBF is aimed at the scientific community interested in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience in the following areas:

  • Attention, learning and behavior: Animal studies - Ashok Kumar, Section Editor
  • Attention, learning and behavior: Human studies - Jennifer Britton, Section Editor
  • Behavioral neurogenetics and epigenetics - Frank Middleton, Section Editor
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms - Yogesh Dwivedi, Section Editor
  • Computational and neural network modeling - Yasser Roudi, Section Editor
  • Neurobiology of brain disorders - Matthew Sutherland, Section Editor

The journal considers original research, reviews, hypotheses, and data modeling, giving priority to manuscripts that combine both neurobiology and behavior.