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Figure 2

From: A Turner syndrome neurocognitive phenotype maps to Xp22.3

Figure 2

Refined mapping of Xp22.3 deletions. a. Positions of microsatellite and FISH markers used to map breakpoints are indicated below ideogram. Black bars denote nondeleted X chromosome segments; gray bars denote segments whose status is uncertain. Positions of RefSeq annotated genes [32]) are indicated above physical map scale. Marker and gene locations are from the UC Santa Cruz Genome Browser, March 2006 (hg18) assembly. b. High resolution mapping of deletions in subject 429 (son of 430) and subject 701 (son of 702) by array comparative genomic hybridization using an X chromosome tiling array. Each dot represents mean log2 signal intensity ratio of probes within consecutive 4000 bp intervals.

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