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Neurobiology of Addiction

Edited by Clarissa Parker

We are now welcoming manuscripts that seek to elucidate the behavioral and molecular mechanisms underlying the transition from initial drug use, to loss of control over drug-seeking and drug-taking, to withdrawal and subsequent relapse. We aim to represent research from a variety of model organisms with the ultimate goal of assembling a collection of articles that provide a cutting-edge glimpse of the prevailing empirical, theoretical, and technical advances in the field of addiction research.

Featured article: Sex differences in avoidance behavior after perceiving potential risk in mice

Sex has been considered as a potential factor regulating individual behaviors in different contexts. In this study, numerous behavioral tests were undertaken. The study found that the primary sex difference occurs in mobility in the avoidance response after perceiving escapable risks.

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Aims and scope

A well-established journal in the field of behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, Behavioral and Brain Functions welcomes manuscripts which provide insight into the neurobiological mechanisms underlying behaviour and brain function, or dysfunction. The journal gives priority to manuscripts that combine both neurobiology and behaviour in a non-clinical manner.

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Behavioral and Brain Functions is a member of the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium. The Consortium is an alliance of neuroscience journals that have agreed to accept manuscript reviews from each other. If you submit a revision of your manuscript to another Consortium journal, we can forward the reviews of your manuscript to that journal, should you decide this might be helpful.


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