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Figure 3

From: Dissociation of neural correlates of verbal and non-verbal visual working memory with different delays

Figure 3

A. Mean reaction times are presented for the non-verbal and the verbal conditions. Reaction times in the non-verbal trials were significantly higher than in the verbal conditions [F(1,11) = 8.27, p ≤ 0.05]. There was a significant increase in the reaction time for the 8s ISI when compared to the 2s ISI [F(1,11) = 29.19, p ≤ 0.01]. B. Performance (portion correct responses) in the verbal and the non-verbal 2 and 8s ISI conditions. Accuracy in the verbal conditions was higher than in the non-verbal conditions [F(1,11) = 55.27, p ≤ 0.01].

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