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Table 2 sLORETA results

From: Perspective and agency during video gaming influences spatial presence experience and brain activation patterns

X Y Z BA Voxel Value Lobe Main Structure Cluster including
1PP-active vs. 1PP-passive (theta)    
−45 40 15 46 6.34E + 00 Frontal Lobe Inferior Frontal Gyrus Superior, middle, medial, inferior frontal gyrus
30 40 40 9 5.42E + 00 Frontal Lobe Middle Frontal Gyrus Superior, middle frontal gyrus
1PP-active vs. 3PP-active (alpha1)    
−10 −50 5 29 −7.14E + 00 Limbic Lobe Posterior Cingulate Posterior cingulate, cingulate gyrus, parahippocampal gyrus, lingual gyrus, cuneus
5 −50 5 29 −5.32E + 00 Limbic Lobe Posterior Cingulate Posterior cingulate
1PP-active vs. 3PP-active (alpha2)    
35 −65 40 39 −4.87E + 00 Parietal Lobe Inferior Parietal Lobule Inferior parietal lobule
High SP vs. Low SP (alpha2)    
−25 −60 45 7 −4.06E + 00 Parietal Lobe Superior Parietal Lobule Superior parietal lobule, precuneus
  1. Summarized are the sLORETA results of significant differences in brain electrical activity in different comparisons and for different frequency bands. Coordinates are defined in the standard stereotaxic space of Talairach and correspond to the observed activation maxima. The row “Cluster including” describes the extent of the activated brain region. The results were considered significant in case of p < 0.05, corrected for multiple comparisons.