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Table 1 Circulating aAbs against DAT

From: Immunization with DAT fragments is associated with long-term striatal impairment, hyperactivity and reduced cognitive flexibility in mice

Batch : 2ndwithdrawal 3 days after boost 3 weeks after boost
VEH controls 385 ± 118% 157 ± 140%
DAT-i mice 2248 ± 866% ** 156 ± 108%
  1. Mean (±SEM, n = 12 per group) percent increase in plasma levels of DAT-aAbs titers in the second withdrawal compared to baseline, as a function of immunization group. Each mouse provided two samples differing for “timing” of withdrawal (i.e., baseline sample at PND 32 versus a second after-boost sample). The “batches” differed (see Experimental Scheme 1) for the second withdrawal, which was taken at PND 49 in batch I and PND 68 in batch II (i.e., 3 days after boost versus 3 weeks after boost). ** p < 0.01 between DAT-i and VEH control group.