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Figure 6

From: Fatigue sensation induced by the sounds associated with mental fatigue and its related neural activities: revealed by magnetoencephalography

Figure 6

Locations of the equivalent current dipoles (ECDs) induced by the conditioned stimuli. (A) Magnetic responses with latencies approximately 190 ms were localized in the insular cingulate cortex in six participants (axial view) (R: right side; L: left side). Bilateral activations of the insular cortex were observed in participants No. 2 and No. 10. (B) Magnetic responses with latencies approximately 470 ms were localized in the posterior cingulate cortex in four participants (sagittal view). Closed red and green circles indicate the location of ECDs and short red and green lines radiating from closed circles indicate the orientation of ECDs. ECDs are superimposed on individual magnetic resonance images. The peak latencies are presented in parentheses.

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